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MAC Focuses on Education & Communications
MAC Focuses on Education & Communications

The MAC Board recently met in Charleston, WV.  The main focus of the meeting were on providing valuable education experiences to our members and increasing communication.   

“Education is one of the most important benefits we can provide”, stated Peter Blake, MAC Executive Director.  “We are looking ahead and formulating a schedule to reach out to different parts of the region.  We want to hear from the membership.  Contact me with any programs, speakers, or topics you want us to explore.  Your voice is needed to schedule the most effective program.”

MAC is excited about the PDCA Expo coming to Baltimore and will be assisting and promoting the event to all our members.  While it is a PDCA event, the benefit is really to all members of DLI and the Industry.  

MAC will be at the show and will have a presence on the exhibit floor.  The educational opportunities for the membership are terrific, and the Board hopes they will be well attended and supported.

MAC is also planning an Equipment Maintenance Workshop in Richmond, VA the first week of December and are already making plans for its annual Spring Leadership Conference in Virginia Beach next May. The Board has highlighted a list of speakers and topics for the program, but are still open to suggestions from the membership.

The MAC Board is very proud of its magazine, “The Messenger”, and its website, but MAC is looking to increase its communications with the membership.  Look for MAC to become more involved in FaceBook and instagram, and for MAC to be sending more e-blasts in the near future.

“We have some great programs and services,” concluded Blake, “but many of them are not as well -used or attended as they should be.  We need to be more effective in getting the word out, and to getting members involved.  If you are interested in assisting the leadership of MAC, email Peter Blake ( or call 800-235-8360.






Are you putting your membership to good use?
Are you putting your membership to good use?

Are you maximizing your return on investment for your membership dollar?

I sincerely hope you are, but if you are like many members you get too busy and things seem to slip through the cracks and before you know it a year has passed and you haven’t used your membership as much as you intended.  This series of articles are designed to make sure you get the most from your membership.  Six times a year we will highlight one member service for you to use now.

Effortless Social Media
Most members I talk to understand the need and benefits of maintaining an online presence.  They know they need to do it, and they want to do it, but it often ends up on the bottom of the “To Do” list.   Members who don’t use professional services like MAC’s GlikStorm or Be Creative will start a program, but won’t be consistent and before you know it -- its been months since something was posted.

That is where DLI’s new Effortless Social Media Program comes into play.  When you sign up for the service, DLI will post consumer oriented posts directly to your page weekly.  It is consistent, automatic, and best of all -- included with your membership at Silver and above.  
It is a GREAT program, and one that can be used to compliment what you are already doing, or can be a stand alone beginning to getting your company an online presence.  
Get Started
Go to and click the login button on the top menu bar. You will have to put your membership number in.  You will be taken to the members only page, where you can select “Effortless Social Media” from the menu. There you will fill out your business information and submit it to DLI.

Once registered, you need to set-up the program and grant DLI access to your Facebook page.  There is a downloadable PDF on the next page that will walk you through it.  It is best to do the following steps on a computer rather than a mobile device.  

First step is to log-in to your Facebook page (you will need your username and password). Once in Facebook, you need to click on your business page.  Click on the top right arrow and select your page.  If you don’t have a separate business page, call me and I will help you get set-up.

Next select the “Settings” button.  Select the “Page Roles” option. You will then be able to add DLI as an editor to the page.  Under “Assign A New Page Role”, enter as an editor, select the account titled “Ric Go”, and click the “Add” button.  

You will have to confirm your password, but you are all set. Just sit back and wait for the automatic posts to start populating your page.


How Many Boxes Have you Checked?
This is our fourth article on how to increase your membership return on investment.  We want to make sure you are using your membership, and taking advantage of all the tools in your business development toolbox.

How many have you done?  If you can’t check off all 4 boxes below, then make a New Year’s Resolution to do them now.  The next  certification exam period is April 7-15, 2018.  you must register by March 30, 2018.
Don’t wait, get busy on your membership “to do” list.  I would hate for a year to go by with you wondering how can DLI help.
All articles are archived on our website, so if you missed a past article, or just need to be reminded of how to activate the service,  visit


Members Benefits

Mid-Atlantic Association of Cleaners is your industry association in DC, Maryland, and Virginia! The Mid-Atlantic Association of Cleaners is the premier association comprised of cleaners and launderers who, like you, are leading our industry into the future. Here's just a few key reasons why your colleagues have chosen membership in MAC:

Advocacy Efforts
Legislative Advocacy and Regulatory Activities for Drycleaner Issues
Federal Government Representation

DLI Certifications: Certified Environmental Drycleaner, Certified Professional Drycleaner, and -- Certified Professional Wetcleaner
DLI Video Training Library
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Information Services
The Messenger Newsletter
DLI's Fabricare Magazine
Hot Press E-News
Expert Garment Analysis
Encyclopedia of Drycleaning

Money Saving Programs
Discounted Credit Card Program - TSYS
Endorsed Insurance Program - NIE Insurance
Member Discounts for Products and Services

Marketing For Your Drycleaner
Monday Morning Marketing Ideas (e-publication)
Great Impressions (e-publication for your customers) -
Mystery Shopper Program

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