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Third Annual Spring Management Conference (continued)
Third Annual Spring Management Conference (continued)

Top Industry Speakers
Joining Keynote Speakers Mark Albrecht and Trudy Adams on the speaker slate were Hilda King, of the US Department of Labor, and MAC’s Executive Director, Peter Blake. The over 25 attendees in the audience were guided through topics ranging from Managing and Motivating Employees, properly navigating the complex rules and regulations of wage and hour, new and innovative ways to market your business, and deciphering the “Whys” behind delivering great customer service.

Creating Leaders & Building a Team
Management Expert, Mark Albrecht, shared his experiences and knowledge of successfully motivating employees and cultivating leaders.  Mark has a lifetime of experience in the industry having literally grown up in the industry.  

Mark shared lessons of his early experiences as he worked in all phases of the industry. He demonstrated just how important all members of the team are -- and how every employee and manager should understand the critical nature of those relationships.  Mark spent time on the team dynamic and the need to establish a culture of cohesiveness.  

“Mark may be well known as a route development expert,” observed Peter Blake, MAC Executive Director, “but his true experience and expertise is far more diverse.  He is able to demonstrate ways to maximize your staff’s potential and to help businesses run more efficiently.”


What’s the Why?”

On Sunday Morning, Trudy Adams led an interactive Workshop exploring “What’s the Why?”  The program was sponsored by Cleaner’s Supply Company who also supplied all attendees with notebooks for the event.

“At all these conferences,” explained Adams, “we hear how to give great service.  People demonstrate examples of proven techniques to establishing an effective customer service program and promise.  What we don’t really talk about it the ‘WHY’ it is so important.  I believe people are more effective when they understand the big picture and learn why things need to be done the prescribed way.”

Trudy led participants through a series of exercises designed to demonstrate the need to have systems in place and training in place to make sure you are consistent in your customer service promise.  

“This was the highlight of the program for me”, offered Mike McKay.  “Trudy is an excellent speaker, and her messages are always well targeted.  She knows her subject and really helps you to understand the importance of the message.  She capped off a terrific weekend of learning and business improvement!”

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Wage and Hour Issues

Hilda King, Enforcement Officer for the US Department of Labor, was on hand to share her experiences with small business and to highlight many of the most common issues she has run into.  She highlighted ways to avoid conflicts and to make sure you are in compliance.

“This was a great session”. offered Tom Williams, MAC Education Chair, “and one that everyone really needs to hear.  There were more questions asked in this session then the last three years combined!  That shows how important it is to know how to avoid issues.  It also shows just how confusing this area can be.”

King navigated through tough topics like salary vs. hourly criteria, compensation for workshops and added expectations, when overtime is required, and how to handle complaints.  

“This is not a subject people really want to hear about,” cautioned Blake, “but it is a subject that everyone needs to learn about.  The more litigious society gets -- the more important it is to understand the guidelines and how you are effected by them.”

Using all the tools in your toolbox

MAC’s Executive Director, Peter Blake, explored tools to effectively promote and run your business.  He not only focussed on the “why” to using the tools --- but explored “how-to” use them effectively.

“In my experience, everyone has these great tools at their disposal,” offered Blake, “but rarely are they using them to their full potential.  They don’t realize how to put them to use, and how to effectively use them to improve their business and their bottom line.  Unfortunately, it takes workshops like these to realize the power of the DLI Apps, Effortless Social Media, and some of the incredible marketing tools that we provide.”




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