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Third Annual Spring Management Conference a Tremendous Event
Third Annual Spring Management Conference a Tremendous Event

MAC’s third annual spring leadership conference was a great success.  The program was held on May 5th and 6th in Virginia Beach and featured captivating speakers and a wealth of information to improve your business.

“This was fantastic”, observed MAC President, Mike McKay.  “The sessions were great.  Mark Albrecht and Trudy Adams did a terrific job and really gave me some keen insight into ways I can improve my business.  The networking opportunities were great, and their importance is often overlooked -- but greatly  beneficial.  It is really unfortunate for all the cleaners who desperately needed to hear these messages and didn’t make the investment.  They really missed out on an incredible opportunity.”

“Motivating,” summed up Norman Way of Puritan Cleaners.  “I have sent my team the past couple years, but had been unable to attend myself.  This was my first opportunity to join them, and I thought it was inspiring.  It is a great event, well worth the investment of time and money, and I really got a great deal of value out of it-- as did my team.  I will be back next year for sure.  I really hope others who were considering it this year make a special effort to attend the next one.”

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"It's My Favorite (insert garment here)"

I recently attended the MAC Spring Leadership Conference this past may and really enjoyed the entire experience.  It was a first class conference and a top notch learning experience.

I value the team we have working at Puritan and had brought a number of them to the conference.  Upon returning, I was so inspired from the conference I wrote to our team outlining some of the key concepts from the conference. I really thank MAC, the leadership of MAC, and all the speakers for providing me the motivation!

One of the things that really stuck with me was from Sundays exploration of Customer Service.  It made me really think of the service we provide.  The truth is we have a tremendously successful return rate for accepting-cleaning-returning garments.  But, we are human and occasionally we make a mistake.  And, doesn’t it seem that when we inform the client of our error that the odds are great that they make the garment out to be ‘a special garment’ or ‘their favorite garment’?  If you have been in our industry for more than a month, you have surely experienced this feedback.  Perhaps, if you have been in the business a long time, you could think that it is almost cliche’ that a client would make this statement.  

During Trudy Adams’ presentation, this subject came up in conversation and the reason we get this response so often became obvious - IT IS ONE OF THEIR FAVORITE GARMENTS!  If they didn’t really like it and if they didn’t consider it special, chances are they would not have chosen to have it cared for by a drycleaner.  And in our case, paid to have it cared for by a certified professional dry cleaner who has been selected as one of America’s Best cleaners!

The reminder in our conversation that followed was clear - treat every garment and client interaction as special because it is!  Caring in this manner helps us to ensure that we ‘aim small, miss small’.  So today, don’t have another ‘transaction’ but provide an ‘experience of trust’ as you interact with your favorite people with their favorite garments!



Meet Your Executive Director

I am very excited to be working with the MidAtlantic Association of Cleaners!  I have been involved with the North East Fabricare Association for over 25 years, and I am excited to bring some of that experience and knowledge to other parts of the East.  We are currently reviewing our programs and services to see what we can improve, strengthen and add.  I have been a featured speaker on marketing, social media, customer service and OSHA training.   

All members are encouraged to call or contact me at anytime.  I want to hear from you!  If there are ways we can better serve you, or things you thing the association needs to be involved in, let us know: (800-235-8360) or e-mail me at


Peter Blake,
Executive Director, MAC 


Meet Your Executive Director
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