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Key Speakers Announced for Spring Management Conference
Key Speakers Announced for Spring Management Conference

MAC’s Spring Management Conference is rounding into shape.  Mark Albrecht of 21DC Consulting & The Route Pro will be the featured Speaker on Saturday, May 4.  Then Customer Service and Sales Expert, Trudy Adams of Blue Egg Consulting will be Sunday’s Keynote Speaker.

MAC has chosen to return to the Founders Inn & Spa in Virginia Beach, VA for the association’s Spring leadership conference.  The program is set for May 4 and 5, 2019 and will focus on building a better future for the industry.  In addition to Mark and Trudy, MAC is also arranging for a speaker from the Department of Labor to discuss wage and hour pitfalls.  This is the third annual Leadership Conference in Virginia Beach.  Mark will explore motivating and retaining employees.  He will draw on his wealth of experience in the industry, as well as, his first-hand knowledge of maximizing employees potential, to provide attendees with proven strategies to help build their staff.  This is a vital topic for anyone experiencing employee issues.


Trudy’s presentation will center around creating a culture of outstanding customer service, the importance of employee empowerment, and handling even the most difficult and challenging customers.

“We felt the change in dates would allow for a greater participation” offered Mike McKay, MAC President.  “The new weekend is a earlier in the season so the program can help us prepare for the upcoming busy season.  Additionally, by moving further away from Memorial Day weekend, more drycleaners will be able to break away from their businesses.”

“We are really excited about this year’s program,” offered Peter Blake, MAC Executive Director, “ and it will be one of the best educational opportunities of the year for our members.  Both Trudy and Mark have great followings, they are both expert trainers, and the topics are timely and critical for today’s managers.”

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MAC to Co-Sponsor Enviromental Webinar
MAC to Co-Sponsor Enviromental Webinar

On May 22, MAC is joining with SEFA, NEFA and CCA to partner with EnviroForensics to host a Remediation & Clean-up Webinar.  The program is free to all members and will be held at 2:00 EST.  

Jeff Carnahan and Dru Shields of EnviroForensics will discuss what you can expect in a dry cleaner’s environmental cleanup, emerging issues, available funding opportunities, and how to get yourself into the driver’s seat. This is a proverbial roadmap for dry cleaners to address their environmental issues while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.

“This is a great session”, observed Peter Blake, MAC Executive Director, ‘and it is a great opportunity to learn about what you can expect from a clean-up, or a remediation action.  Even if you are not currently involved in a clean-up, but have concerns, then this webinar is for you!  You can ask questions, learn how to protect yourself , and learn how you can prepare for business transition.  I get a lot of calls on how to prepare an exit strategy and environmental concerns remain one of the biggest concerns.”

Attendees will learn:
- How environmental cleanups are triggered, what you can expect during the environmental cleanup process, and emerging issues that need to be addressed
- How you can use historical insurance policies to help pay for environmental cleanups
- How you protect yourself and others from environmental liability when you’re ready to retire or sell your business

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of the multi-disciplined approach necessary to address environmental contamination and with clear next steps. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions during our Q&A session.




Meet Your Executive Director

I am very excited to be working with the MidAtlantic Association of Cleaners!  I have been involved with the North East Fabricare Association for over 25 years, and I am excited to bring some of that experience and knowledge to other parts of the East.  We are currently reviewing our programs and services to see what we can improve, strengthen and add.  I have been a featured speaker on marketing, social media, customer service and OSHA training.   

All members are encouraged to call or contact me at anytime.  I want to hear from you!  If there are ways we can better serve you, or things you thing the association needs to be involved in, let us know: (800-235-8360) or e-mail me at


Peter Blake,
Executive Director, MAC 


Meet Your Executive Director
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